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Because every business needs HR!

Barbara Bronswinkel

A passionate human capital professional with over 20 years of experience in the areas of strategic human resources, talent development, talent aquisition, labor relations, employee performance, human resources innovation and employee and executive coaching. Loves to serve clients and employees alike and applies a balanced approach to the business. By nature honest, communicative, respectful, and holds herself and others up to high standards of quality and integrity. Has the capacity to work and communicate openly with all levels within an organization. 

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Why we do what we do?

Our Story

We believe in a total employee experience. Assisting clients with their Human Capital necessities and ultimately be successful, is a true passion of ours. We serve individuals, small business and larger organizations alike. 


Organizations that understand that with the right career development for employees, adequate compensation, the right leadership talent,  and a great company culture, employees have the capacity to be completely engaged. This engagement will lead to a successful business.

Our Approach

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Services We Provide

Helping Companies Succeed - We assist you with all HR needs from big to small.

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1. HR as a Service

2. HR Strategy & Projects

3. Organizational Scan

4. Leadership: Coaching and Development

We know that managing people is not always easy! Let us help. From managing recruitment efforts for a new employee, to assisting with employee conflict, we can do it all!

Development of an HR strategy or execution of HR projects, which are tailor made for your business and supports your company strategy.

Review of your HR activities and make recommendations for improvement.

Individual coaching, group coaching and tailor made training.


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